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Websites offer free online click and play games or free online games to install on your smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop. Many sites such as Amazon, BBC, CNN, GOOGLE PLAY, YAHOO! etc. are trustworthy and provide a great number of games for free.
Amazon Amazon Free Online Games 
BBC BBC Free Online Games
Chrome Web Store Chrome Web Store Free Online Games
CNN CNN Free Online Games
DISNEY DISNEY Free Online Games
Facebook Facebook Free Online Games
Google Play Google Play Free Online Games
MSN - Microsoft Network MSN Free Online Games
MTV MTV Gaming News
Shockwave (Viacom's MTV Networks) Shockwave Free Online Games
Softonic Softonic Free Games Download for Windows
Yahoo! Yahoo! Free Online Games

Top Free Games
Solitaire Solitaire - Play Free Games

Brain Games - Free Online Games
Test and train your brain with free online brain games. AARPBBC and the Science Channel are trustworthy websites where you may play a number of brain games for free.
AARP Brain Games - Free Online Games
BBC Reasoning and Non-reasoning Brain Games - Free Online Games
SCI - Science Channel Luminosity's Brain Games - Free Online Games

Music Games - Free Online Games
Trustworthy websites - such as BBC, Facebook, Google Play, Disney, iTunes, MTV, Shockwave - offer a great variety of free online music games. Facebook displays a number of music games you may play even if you don't have a facebook account.
BBC - DISNEY - MTV - Shockwave - Facebook - Google Play - iTunes
Free Online Music Games

Games for Mobile, Smartphone, Android
Games are often provided for free or sold by smartphone production companies. APPLE, BLACKBERRY, NOKIA, and SAMSUNG have a great number of games available on their online webstores. Producers like HUAWEI and PANASONIC recommend Google Play as a reliable source of games for mobile, smartphone, android, iOS etc.
APPLE APPLE Games for iPhone